The Independent Media Commission, led by the Chairman, Mr.  George Khoryama, has started a nationwide tour to media institutions to ascertain their compliance with regulatory requirements. These include the media institutions’ governance and management structures, editorial policies, constitutions, Memorandum and Articles of Association, payment of staff salaries, adherence to NRA and NASSIT obligations and labour laws, including the minimum wage.

The team has just arrived in  Kambia town to engage managers and staff  of media institutions and civil societies in Kambia district. After the meeting, the IMC will visit the media institutions to complete the checklist.

This first tour covers the North and North-West Regions. It will be followed by tours to the Southern and Eastern Regions and then the Western Area.

The engagements come ahead of the ongoing moves by the Government  to repeal Part 5 of 1965 Public order Act, which criminalizes libel.

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