By Donstance Koroma

The Executive Director, Institute of Drug Control and Human Security (IDCHS) Nabieu Aiah Mokowah has called on the “New Direction Administration” to domesticate the United Nations (UN) decision to remove marijuana (Canabis) from the list of harmful drugs.

He continued that the United Nations has come to the realization that Marijuana has both medicinal and economic values that have the potential to create positive impact on the Gross Domestic product GDP of nations especially Sub- Sahara countries.

The Executive Director recalled that President Bio in 2019 state openings of parliament promised to review the law against drug trafficking to meet international obligations and therefore called on government to consider the expulsion of marijuana as an illegal drug during the long awaited review.

Director Mokowah intimated this medium that he is yearning that the National Drug Control Act of 2018, when reviews should be replace with the holistic drug law prevention, enforcement, rehabilitation and international corporation treatment from a glance of public health approach.

The Institute of Drug Control and Human Security had over the years conducted and published a research survey titled Counting the cost-the impact of Sierra Leone Drug laws on the people who use drug and the state 2018, multi sectorial stakeholders engagement with law enforcers and the judiciary on policy dialogue and accountability platform, engaged Drug users and sex workers on safety practices, counselling on drug used and general public education.

IDCHS came into existence in 2012 as a non- governmental organization for young people and youth organizations for the promotion of prevention of drug abuse base on scientific evidence as an investment into the wellbeing of children, adolescent’s youth, families and communities.


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