IDCHS to Expose Drug Organizations

The Executive Director, Institute for Drug Control and Human Security (IDCHS), Aiah Nabieu Mokowah in an interview with the medium disclosed that his institution has decided to take the bull by its horn to investigate the origin, name, traffickers and trafficking routes, and  chemical composition of an unknown drug that is been smuggle into the country.

According to Mokowah, the drug in question is been stuffed into containers of pampas use to lactating mothers through the sea port into the country and other neighboring states. 

‘IDCHS have deployed men on the grounds that are trying to lay hands on the said unknown drug and if fortunate, his organization will work with National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) and the pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone to ascertain the chemical composition of the said unknown drug.’ The executive Director noted.

He added that the drug causes central nervous depression that slows movements of those that consume the drug.

Mokowah disclosed that the drug is boiled and consume in the form of a tea that stimulate an individual into a very long sleep.

The Director however disclosed that the kind of reaction derived after intake had continues to discourage many youths from partaking and therefore pinpointed that its stand necessary that the chemical composition of the drug is discover.

Speaking on his organization intervention with regards drugs, he said organization with funds from the Open Society Initiative for West Africa organized a training for national drug law enforcement agencies including Transnational organized crime Unit, Sierra Leone Police,  Office of National Security Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone on Enhancing the Efficiency of Sierra Leone Drug Law Reform Process for evidence based drug responses  and  advocacy alliance and position paper development meeting with People Who Use Drug (PWUD) for evidence based drug policy reform with the theme : ‘Enhancing the efficiency of Sierra Leone Drug Law Reform process for evidence based drug policy’  that centered on human rights and public health in Freetown, Bo, Kenema and Port Loko respectively.

Sheku Kargbo, National Drug Law Enforcement Agency have expressed government commitment to review the  National    Drug Control Act 2018 to reflex holistic drug law that caters for prevention, enforcement , rehabilitation and international corporation treatment with a public health approach.

It could be recalled that the institute for Drug Control and Human Security     (IDCHS) came into existence in 2012 as a non-governmental organization working for and with young people and organizations to promote the prevention of drug abuse base on scientific evidence as an investment into the wellbeing of children , adolescent , youths, families and communities.

The aim of IDCHS is to reduce the negative health, social and human rights impacts of drug use and drug policy by promoting evidence based public health policies and practices and human rights based approach.    The organization also conduct research and publication like: ‘Counting the Cost- the impact of Sierra Leone Drug Laws on People who use drug and the State’ in 2018.        


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