I WON’T BE DISTRACTED… Minister of Tourism

With a view to distracting from the good works of the Ministry of Tourism and the National Tourist Board to preserve and promote the country’s cultural heritage with a view to promoting tourism, some people have taken to publishing maliciously intended stories about the minister.

At no other time has the government placed higher premium on tourism than now, as it seeks to diversify the economy, create jobs and incomes for youths as well as increase revenue generation from that source.

The Aberdeen beach, known by many as Lumley beach, which before was an eyesore to both local and international visitors today is a shining emblem of the ministry and the tourist board’s commitment to keeping our beaches clean.

Daily cleaning of the beach is now the routine. Dust bins line the length and breadth of the iconic beach.

Meanwhile, it remains the ministry and the tourist board’s mission to promote the true image of the country to attract holidaymakers and foreign entrepreneurs as part of the drive to step up international political and economic cooperation.

The two tourism promotion entities thereby seek to provide additional infrastructure and amenities that will encourage and support the tourist industry as well as benefit local and national interests that include keeping the beaches clean and lovely.

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