I will deliver Western Region to SLPP come 2023

I will deliver Western Region to SLPP come 2023

By Joseph S. Margai (Head of Chief Abu H. Moseray’s Media Team)

Aspiring candidate for the Western Regional Chairman of the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), Chief Abu Hindolo Moseray, has vowed to deliver 70 percent of the votes from the Western Region to the party if elected as chairman of the region in the forthcoming Regional Executive Elections.

Speaking exclusively on Tuesday, February 23, 2021, in Freetown, Chief Moseray said the SLPP needs someone like him to increase the party’s support base in the Western Region, which will subsequently woo people to vote for the party in the next general elections.

Regarded as the ‘bridge’ to the existing gap between the people and the current SLPP leadership of the Western Region, Chief Moseray is determined not to fail in bringing the people of the region together so as to vote overwhelmingly for the SLPP come 2023.  

Asked why he decided to contest in the March 27, 2021 Regional Executive Elections, he said there are several reasons but prime amongst them is that when he was the Elections Management Committee’s Western Regional Coordinator, he was able to convince more people to join the party, which resulted in the overwhelming vote the party accrued in the Western Region.

Chief Moseray is one of the strong SLPP supporters who held the view that the Western Region is not the stronghold of the opposition All People’s Congress (APC) party.

“The late President Ahmed Tejan Kabbah’s elections in 1996 and 2002 proved to us that Freetown and its environs are not the stronghold of the opposition APC. The SLPP had an overwhelming vote and support in those elections. For me, I believe that what we are doing as a party will motivate the people in this region to vote for us,” he said.

Chief Moseray, who is an unapologetic SLPP supporter, was the chairman of Constituency 106 in Freetown and the Western Regional Coordinator of the Elections Management Committee during the 2018 general elections.

He was the Western Regional Operations Manager, in line with SLPP’s Dr. Alie Kabba, during the 2018 general elections campaign that brought the party back to power.

Chief Moseray, who is the current Chairman of the National Assets and Government Property Commission, has four unique human qualities that will spur him up in the March 27 Regional Executive Elections.

“I am a man of agility, consistency, loyalty and have a strong sense of human relationship. I have a very cordial relationship with the party’s national structure and executive members of the various constituencies in the Western Region. I also have the support of the grassroots of the party, who are always in my office to discuss issues affecting the party’s growth,” he said. 

Individually, Chief Moseray has been supporting vulnerable people in the Western Region with university fees, medical bills, rents, etc., irrespective of their tribes, regions, and religions.

Chief Moseray, who holds a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in International Relations, was in December 2020 awarded by Sierra Ovation Awards as the 100 Most Outstanding Sierra Leoneans.


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