I saw a former CDS in a Kekeh

I’m still recovering from a great shock, seeing a former Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF), squeezed between two hefty women in a Kekeh.

This happened yesterday Tuesday 10th December 2019, at Kingtom Bridge area.

Consciously enough, I waved to him but alas, he was unable to wave back because he was so terribly squeezed.

He could hardly even pick up a phone call, not to talk about stretching his legs or move his body freely. Like I stated above, he was so tightly squeezed.

I couldn’t believe my eyes because just three weeks ago, I saw this same former CDS around Congo Cross, driving a grey Jeep, but why? I said to myself. Could it have been for fun or what? Or maybe it was just a way of displaying simplicity in retirement.

Be that as it may, the fact remains that Kekeh is for ordinary people in society. I might be wrong, but that’s what I think.

Being the CDS of any given nation’s military, makes you a states man automatically and that high-profile status MUST always be maintained, even in retirement.

What we see here sadly, is that citizens dedicate all their lives to public service and then retire without a matching retirement package.

It is evident therefore that the vast majority of our retirees, suffer in silence until their early demise. This is unfair.

We want to see the very best for our retirees. They deserve to live longer in comfort and happiness. The question is, why not?

This question goes back to the state because it is absolutely a governance issue.

Go and check how much pension retired generals in the military and retired police chiefs such as Assistant Inspector General of Police with over 30-35 years of dedicated service to the nation, are getting compared to former Members of Parliament for instance.

My firm belief is that we should step up our game in the best interest of our retirees at all levels, but more especially those from the security forces.

For instance, I don’t see anything wrong with top military and police officers (Military – from Bragadier General upwards and Police – from AIG upwards), retiring with their official vehicles plus a revolver, just so as to maintain their prestige and personal security. In other countries, such personnel are very well taken care of both in office and in retirement.

Imagine how carelessly the maliciously sacked former CDS, Lieutenant General S.O Williams was left so vulnerable to an extent of being killed in cold blood with a hunting gun also known as Chakabula.

I understand the SLP is already allowing senior officers to retire with their official vehicles, but I don’t know whether it’s same for the military.

Just thinking aloud.

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