Housing Facility for Section Chiefs Underway

Housing Facility for Section Chiefs Underway

Aspirant in the Paramount Chieftaincy election in Ribbi Chiefdom, Kenneth Mahoi has promised that he will construct a total of ten houses for Section Chiefs in the chiefdom if elected Paramount Chief on December 18, 2020.

Kenneth Mahoi assured the people of Ribbi that it has to be the time for great change in the looks of the chiefdom which he said has been left out interms of development.

He said section chiefs have contributed a lot to the development of the chiefdoms but continue to face challenges beyond their control.

“You have to be looked after”, he told a group of traditional leaders in Bradford. He described their housing condition as one that needs attention considering the hardship in the chiefdom.

Kenneth Mahoi informed this medium that being the Master Farmer with close to two hundred acres farming activities he will utilize the proceeds for the development of the chiefdom. He underscored

the point that power is not meant for enrichment but rather to serve mankind.

He noted that he would take the chiefdom from where his father and brother left into higher height to attract credible investors.

He said the chiefdom is endowed with potentials that need to be tapped into for the good of the chiefdom.

He mentioned the revival of the salt industry and the Masankay project as avenues for employment for the youths in the chiefdom. On the area of education, Kenneth promised to sponsor two kids from each section until they reach university level.

He said he had offered twenty scholarships for secondary school pupils and assisted in the construction of two schools in Mortaneh and Masampa villages. A farmer in Masampa, Mariatu Kanu has called on the women of Ribbi to support the Master Farmer whom he said has been supportive towards the fight for women’s right. She said on many occasions, Kenneth stands behind them whenever there is a case of gender based violence in the community

However, there is a case of gender based violence in the community. It could be recalled that the father of this aspirant, Kene Mahoi passed away in the 90s and was succeeded by his son Foday Mahoi who did not stay long in the throne due to death.

There are over ten aspirants vying for the position most of them being brothers of the same father.

Kenneth Mahoi, according to our findings, is the thirty-fourth child of late PC Kene Mahoi.


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