In less than two years in office, he has renovated the entire Lumley Market as well as constructed new and unique market tables, renovated Services Secondary School at Juba, and constructed a school hall with a pavilion of 500 seating capacity for the school at the Juba Barracks, Lumley.

The young lawmaker has also dug bore holes in six different communities in constituency 132, in addition to what he had done before election. He has started the pavement of the main feeder road, connecting the rest of the catchment communities at Kaningo and constructed a solid bridge connecting Pottor-Levuma to Gbendembu and Majay Town communities.

He has also constructed two building of sixteen-room toilet facilities at Juba Barracks for the military men, women and their families with twelve wash rooms, attempted to address the water crisis at Juba by rehabilitating the stand pipes that he had built during the campaign for the juba community and its environs.

As Member of Parliament, he has provided psychosocial support for fire victims at Kamayama, including supply of beddings, ten bundles of zinc, five bails of used clothing for men, women and children, ten dozens of sticks, three cartons of wire nails, five boxes of roofing nails, bags of rice, oil, onions and other personal support.

He has also used his small community development funds and his own fundraisers to construct a multi storey school building at Lumley Road.

He has promised to undertake more development programmes in his constituency to ensure that his people have better living conditions, he has also paved Queen Drive in Kaningo and the road leading to Kondie Farm Kamayama Lumley stretching 400 meters.

Hon. Tawa Conteh is not just into development programmes to the extent of abandoning his duty as a Member of Parliament; he is one of the finest lawmakers for the Sierra Leone Peoples Party and has been very vibrant making relevant contributions in the well of Parliament during debates. He leads in the performance of his oversight roles in the different committees that he has been assigned to and seeks the interest of his constituents and the people of Sierra Leone.

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