Hon. Lawyer Bah & Councillors Donate Furniture to Govt. Assisted Schools; Benefitting Over 500 Students in Const. 115

Despite the introduction of the Free Qualify Education, the Wellington Community which hosts an exponential number of government assisted schools is one that is  faced with inadequate classrooms and sitting accommodations to cater for the massive enrollments as a result of the introduction of the Free Quality Education.

Amidst these difficult situations, the overall performance of students in public exams has been exceptionally satisfactory in Constituency 115; and thus necessitated the need for Hon. Lawyer  Bah together with his astute councillors to knock the door of MR Distilleries for the provision of furniture to cater for the accommodation of over five hundred students across Ward 405 and 406 respectively.

Speaking as the chairman of the joint donation ceremonies at the W.M.A and Orphanage Schools, Mr. Dennis Turay in the presence of parents, students, teachers, school authorities, and community stakeholders expressed his utmost satisfaction to Hon. Lawyer Bah and his councillors for paying back to society after being entrusted with the mantle of leadership.

In a bid to give an overview of the joint donation ceremonies, the right Hon. Lawyer Bah started by underscoring the unwavering supports of MR Distilleries; a company that is notable for adhering to its cooperate social responsibilities, especially for honouring to the project proposal through the Community Development Committee of Constituency 115; which is an organ that is charged with the responsibility of accelerating developments across the length and breadth of Constituency 115.

He added that the distribution of the school furniture across the government assisted schools is geared towards the provision of over five hundred sitting accommodations in a bid to improve quality education in his constituency.

The benefitting schools include W. M. A., Olivet Baptist, Calvary, Evangelical, Basharia Islamic, Fatibu, Amb. Bun Wurie, Orphanage, Al Muhaajereen, Wellington Municipal and Alhassan Islamic Schools.

On behalf of the immediate beneficiaries, Fatima Conteh from the Fatibu Technical Secondary School, and Elizabeth Sesay from the Almuhajireen Islamic Secondary School, thanked MR Distilleries for providing the necessary resources for the donation of the school furniture. They concluded by thanking Cllr. Mohamed J Tholley, Cllr. Luckyn . M. Mansaray and lastly but soberly thanked Hon. Lawyer Prosper Blessing Amadu Bah for their philanthropic gestures to school-going children of Constituency 115.


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