Health Minister on the Microscope

Health Minister on the Microscope

Minister of health and sanitation Dr. Wurie wake up. For now your position is OK but if u lie down and sleep Corruption played inside Ebola is the smoke your corona Virus risks allowance will be the fire as big guns in different hospitals right across the country already set there corona Virus corruption projects to give you stain. I prefer u to go all over the country and take authentic workers names working without even notice any person like matrons doctors, M and E, Superintendents. Ooo Bob Marley don’t trust anyone nobody. Go to the field’s right across the country and do d work for yourself in order to protect your job transparency and accountability so that d sufferers don’t suffer for nothing what belongs to Ceaser let it be for Ceaser and belongs to Moses let it be for Moses. A word for a wise is quiet sufficient Mr Minister.


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