By Sayoh Kamara

Monday 7 September 2020 was a day in Monrovia, Liberia I will never forget and it is a day I will always remember in my wishful thoughts, that had the TipMe Application been granted licenses to operate in Sierra Leone, the fatherland of the Proprietress and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sustain Group that owns the TipMe App. Had TipMe been first established in my Sierra Leone, my country would have been the central hub for this advanced e-payment system as it spreads across Africa and the world.

Madam Sarah Tarawallie the (CEO) had a dream for Sierra Leone as she and team of Developers conceptualized and makes practical the TiPMe App. Her dream was and still is, to put Sierra Leone at the center of the App’s African and global surge. That is more the reason why the TiPMe official colours are in Green, White and Blue. The Sustain Group policy is very rigid on the use of the TiPMe logo and colours by another franchise partner. They can develop any other logo or use national colours of their choice but cannot submerge the official and global logo and colours. That is sacrosanct and that singularly puts Sierra Leone at a vantage rebranding position.

As this dream is being realized gradually in Africa, with potential partners in Ghana, Nigeria and Zambia competitively clamouring for the second slot, there is yet no end in sight for the realization of Sarah’s over ten years of investment of her personal earnings to develop an App she thinks can aid her country’s financial management system.

For Madam Sarah, the App manifests a digital revolution mobile wallet, online voucher purchases, bills payment services, online international remittances, business services, salary payments, e-commerce platforms and much, much more services that are intended to make life easy for Sierra Leoneans.


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