A man who is an Okada Rider burnt a 17 years old child, named Isatu Sesay and died after two days at the Government Hospital Makeni.

The unfortunate incidents took place on the 13th September 2019, at 4:00am, when the 21 years old, enters the room of Isatu through the roof naked, whiles the deceased was sleeping; Isatu woke up and asked him out as they have no on-going relationship.  She went back to sleep, unconsciously the man gathered her clothes and placed them on her and consciously poured two liter fuel and set her on fire then ran outside of the house.

“I thought I was dreaming until the fire started burning my body” Said the deceased whiles taking treatment at the Government Hospital in Makeni before her death.

According to the decease father, the accused and her daughter were in love and gave birth to a baby girl but lost her, this according to the father happened when she was in class six, and was a petty trader after she gave birth.

She was not interested in him again and asked him to keep off. Later another man proposed to marry her, which make this motor-cycle man became angry and took this inhuman decision.

He’s currently under police custody whiles the lady has been laid to rest.

In another sad development, Abdul Koroma of Moyamba Road, Makeni was caught having sex with his 17 years old biological daughter, both him and his daughter were naked, upon hearing the sound of neighbors. Investigation is undergoing.

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