Dr. Momoh Vandi Adds another Feather to His Cap

It has now emerged that apart from the fact that the bulk of the All People’s Congress (APC) membership in and around the Southern and Eastern parts of Sierra Leone are in total favor of having MomohVandi aka (MOV) for flagbearer of the party for the 2023 presidential election, he has now gained excellence through education by a Doctorate Degree in Finance.

This latest achievement of Momoh Vandi has earned him the enviable title of Doctor (Dr.) of  Business & Finance which puts him in very good position to clinch the APC party’s flagbearer position at the party’s next delegates’ convention slated for next year. It could be recalled that reports reaching this press from APC party grassroots in the South-Eastern parts of Sierra Leone intimated that when the erstwhile Minister of Finance in the then APC Government, JB Dauda aka Jam Body died, it was Momoh Vandi (now Dr. Vandi) that was brought in and ordered to serve the people in Eastern province as their Political godfather; and he extended his love, care and political service to the Southern province. In this regard, the people of the South-East have openly come out in their thousands to declare and decide that anything having to do with the people of the South-East, should be the responsibility of Momoh Vandi because he has been readily available and has been talking for and with them when times were rough and tight.

Now with Momoh Vandi called to the position of Doctor of Business & Finance, this has given impetus to the people in the South-Eastern parts of Sierra Leonean to embellish their claim.

According to these people, Dr. Momoh Vandi has made enormous development in these areas and he is the one the people in these areas trust because, according to them, he has done immensely for them and so they are ready to give him the necessary support to enable him emerge as flagbearer of the APC for the 2023 presidential election.

Currently, Dr. Momoh Vandi has gained international recognition which has further urged the people in the South-Eastern districts to encourage MOV to step forward for the flagbearer position of the APC for 2023 because from among those who might be coming forward, he is the one they describe as being without a taint in his political or private life and there are dozens of members of the international community that can vouch for him as he had worked for many years with members of the international community.

Dr. Momoh Vandi (MOV), according to well-researched information, stands in good stead to become the next flagbearer for the APC at the party’s next convention slated for sometime in the 2020.                               

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