Fraudulent Politicians!!!


Things are not going on well in Sierra Leone for the past decades; but what has been missing for us as a country to surpassed our current predicament and subsequently smove on as a country with oneness and love for each other.

Sierra Leoneans can’t unite on national development issue, but they are ‘United in division’ when it comes to defending their aged political parties.

The best way our politicians can come together is to eschewed politic and put the Green, white and blue for national development to all on sundry and for generation yet unborn to benefits from our God given resources.

Since independence what have we gained as a nation? The only benefit as a country we have is to vote on Election Day, this is the only time you can see politicians reaching to the grassroots urging for vote, after the elections you will never see these greed and wicked people calling themselves politicians.

As a country we are still challenged with the simple basic amenities that behooves on us as citizenry of Sierra Leone, what wickedness on our present and past leaders in treating us as a foreigners in our own country.

Sierra Leone is the only country in the world that foreigners are treated with respect, admiration, love to the advantage of its own citizenry, our brothers and sisters are walloping in abject poverty as our politicians celebrates our poor souls.

The conundrum of price control, job availability, rule of Law quality education, access to good health care, responsible mineral resources governance among others are deep rooted problem we are face with as a nation.

How can we hold our political leaders accountable as a nation? We cannot because the politics of Green and Red have overshadowed us as a country which will be very difficult for us to develop.

If we continue on this trajectory, Sierra Leone will continued to be in the doldrums for generation yet unborn, the unemployment of our youthful populace should be a concern to our government who continued to make life very difficult for them.

Former President Koroma assured Sierra Leoneans that before leaving power he will make numbers of youthful millionaire that will help impact on the country economy; after years of leaving as President can the former president through his aid identified some of the millionaire he made during his reign.

Our politicians should discourage politics of lies and dishonesty, gone are the days when politicians will just says all sorts of fictitious and misguided statement to woo votes. The youthful populations are dying of poverty and starvation.

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