Feed Malen Project: Another Step Forward

Feed Malen Project: Another Step Forward

By: Easmond Moiguah

What Next?  I hereby join the beneficiaries to say thank you to our sons, daughters and friends for today’s food donations to our people in Malen Chiefdom marking the killer COVID-19 . Such is a demonstration of our conviction and desire to help our people who are in need of assistance. This is by all indications a show of genuine love for our people and Chiefdom, though they deserve more. The energies and talents of all of us are more than needed to meet the enormous challenges posed. Indeed it is satisfying to unravel a problem that seems insoluble.  it is extremely rewarding to help people who needs help in the case of our communities and people ,be it their welfare or in related direction. Therefore it is more important that we help to mold that change. It means love for our people, than turning a deaf ear to the heartbeat of our communities and people. .  Having the courage to stand up and do what is right lies the heartbeat of our challenges ,one objective and only one – a cold ,clear – eyed calculation of the interest of our beloved Chiefdom . We must be seen going back to the basics if we want our children to follow such basic practices of immense importance as to lead a new initiative, to defeat the cancer of hatred and all form of divisions. To say the least … For ten years on, day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year, many of us have had to say ugly things about each other, fed the public and outsiders with a sour stream of invective, innuendo and invention. It has been one of the most odious campaigns of manipulations and black propaganda, many of such I cannot readily recall.  Such has not help and cannot help but is only destroying what we should be protecting .The endless putting down, belittling’s, so instinctive that we do not notice ourselves doing them, are awful. They are so awful they stop seen us whole and are dangerous if not unacceptable as un warranted attacks, open abuses on our Paramount chief, and his local chiefs and elders without any reservation is still common place in our discussion forums . Such must stop forth with if we are to bring respect and regards to our authorities and our people .Contempt is first cousin to hatred .It can best be replaced by understanding. A solution can equaly be found in inclusive negotiations. We must come back to basics if we are to realize our potential as good people .Let words now be reflected in deeds .All is not lost . We can bury the hatchet with our elders and Chiefs taking the lead .Malen Chiefdom has always been blessed with riches, high profile personalities be it in education, politics, religion and the rest.

This Chiefdom called Malen has always provided job opportunities for youths and strangers and foreigners alike. The then SLPMB was a living example ,and now followed by Socfin which is employing natives drawn worldwide .As I write Malen Chiefdom is leading while others are following in spite of what is obtained, infact many others are jealous of what our beloved Chiefdom is capable of doing . Feeding our people at a time like now can just be the beginning ,we have a very lot to do like many others, Malen is hungry for:  optimism, dynamism , outsider status that can radiates the possibility of overcoming divisions and capacity for a better change .In deed we have a chance to bring  Malen Chiefdom together into a new majority ,and that is why the same text book campaign of hatred , just won’t do ,that is why not answering questions because we are afraid our answers are popular just won’t do , we need to turn away from those things that have separated us . Some of us are not in this to fulfill some long – held ambitions or I believe it is somehow owed to me. Once more I say we have added opportunities to bring our beloved Malen Chiefdom into a new majority more than ever before. May God bless us all .Bravo to all for proving food for our people. Just my take


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