Ejectment Notice for SLPP!!!

Reliable information from Kono District has let out to this medium that son of the soil who happens to be the political landlord of Kono District, Alhaji chief Samuel Sam Sumana and his subjects have given an ejectment to the Sierra Leone Peoples Party in that part of the country.

According to the notice, the political heavyweight has the full supports of his people including the paramount chiefs who have full control of their respective subjects across the Chiefdoms.

According to our Kono correspondence, the former Vice President has consented to join the All Peoples Congress Party which will automatically abandon his former political party.

The decision of Sam Sumana have caused serious headache for members of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party in Kono knowingly well that Kono district will go red comes 2023.

Records over the years have proved that Kono district is the kingmaker, but this time around they have decided to take the kingship to send a strong message to the government that the former Vice President will definitely make state house comes 2023.

Political analysts have said the only person that can take the All Peoples Congress Party to victory in 2023 is Alhaji Chief Samuel Sam Sumana and Samura Kamara as his lieutenant.

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