Economic Destruction… FIAN to Come Out Clean

Economic Destruction… FIAN to Come Out Clean

FIAN, an international Non-Governmental Organization operating in Belgium and other Africa countries is becoming dangerous in propagating the ideal of  Africa especially Sierra Leone were its continue to send skewed messages about the country to the western world.

If FIAN is talking about transparency and accountability they should be very concern with the money given to Green Scenery operations in Sierra Leone which is not going to the deprived communities.

The mandate and charter of FIAN clearly states that “Our commitment is with all the people – across the globe- that struggle to end hunger. By their side, we strive to free the world from all unjust and oppressive practices that prevent communities and individuals to feed themselves.

If the above chapter of FIAN is anything to go by then the campaign by FIAN/Green Scenery in Sahn Malen Chiefdom is a deliberate ploy to frustrate investors in Sierra Leone and a calculated plan to sabotage the government of Sierra Leone.

The open demonstration at the INGBank in Belgium by FIAN, Green Scenery and other organizations is still fresh in the minds of the government and the people of Sierra Leone.

If not for that misguided and senseless demonstration in the frontage of the INGBank the company should have expanded the Mill at Sahn-Malen, Pujehun District which will employed hundreds of Sierra Leoneans and also boosts the economy of the country which will be a big blessing for the Bio’s administration.

The government should know that some of these international NGOs that are working with local NGOs in the country should be monitor closely as some of them are wolves in sheep clothing trying to damage the country internationally for their own selfish aggrandizement.

Do FIAN wanted to put Sierra Leone into slavery and bondage? If not why the fictitious campaign against the Agricultural Company operation in Sahn-Malen Chiefdom?

Green Scenery should come out clean and explain to their subordinate in Belgium that the presence of Socfin Agricultural Company in Sahn-Malen Chiefdom is a blessing to the people and the government   Pujehun District.

The entire Sahn-Malen Chiefdom is a works yard as the local people have not realized the presence of the agricultural into their district and chiefdom.

If the hapless people in Sahn-Malen Chiefdom and other parts of the country are not able to find jobs to provide food for their families, they will definitely depends on hand-outs which will be bondage and slavery and human right abuse in the 21st century.

The anti-developmental activities by FIAN-Belgium towards genuine investors in Sierra Leone has being obsolete and outdated as reasonable Sierra Leoneans are not taking FIAN/Green Scenery crab anymore.

It could be noted that President Julius Maada Bio during his maiden speech to Sierra Leoneans and the world at large, called on genuine investors to come and invests and help create jobs for our jobless youths.

The Government of President Julius Maada Bio should urgently look into some of these NGOs/CSOs, because some of these organizations does not follow the law on NGO’s spending 70% of their funding’s on direct help to the people.

If the government through the Office of the President continues to make lip-services on the campaign of calumny by FIAN-Belgium and Green Scenery Sierra Leone will continued to be in the dark for decades without any development.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs in Belgium should closely monitor the activities of FIAN and their so-called publications of happenings in Sierra Leone especially in Sahn-Malen Chiefdom were the Agricultural Company operates.

What is important for Sierra Leoneans and the government is the economic future of Sierra Leone and nothing else, the eccentric bizarre statements about Sierra Leone from FIAN-Belgium is anything but crap and they should stop projecting Sierra Leone negative in the international arena.

What’s has FIAN-Belgium done for Sierra Leoneans especially residents of Sahn-Malen Chiefdom? The answer is ZERO, All what they’ve done in that chiefdom is division and hullabaloo with the help of local NGOs like Green Scenery.

FIAN-Belgium and Green Scenery should know that Socfin Agricultural Company is still LOSING huge money and it will take the company 20years back to get the investment back, this is the gospel truth which FIAN-Belgium and Green Scenery must know.

Without investments, Sierra Leone will be thrown back into slavery by the West, economic slavery this time around, which supposedly is the wish of the FIAN and their surrogates.

Executive Director Green Scenery

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