Dr. Prince Alex Harding In Pole Position

Dr. Prince Alex Harding In Pole Position

Leadership quality and political experience counts a lot ahead of 2023 Election and Prince Alex Harding has the ability and acumen, insight, vision and sensitivity to give the Sierra Leone Peoples Party victory comes 2023 Elections just like he did in the 2018 elections when he assured President Julius Maada Bio of victory in the 2018 elections.

Dr. Harding will surely accomplish the victory mission in the 2023 elections because he has the intercontinental ballistic missiles and political strategic to silence opposition parties.

As a proud product of Bo School and King’s College London together with London University where he obtained his PhD in Chemistry in Petroleum with distinction.

He has served as lecturer/tutor at his alma mater in London and Fourah Bay College University of Sierra Leone and worked as Executive Chemist at National Petroleum in Sierra Leone.

In addition to that, Harding attended series of high profile international conferences across the globe sponsored by the international Telecommunications Union, ITU.

Before the birth of NATCOM, Prince Harding successfully regulated the telecoms industry for several years with resounding success on affordability, choice and efficiency.

He also served as Minister of National Defense Council and Chairman of the then National Power Authority of which he served humanity diligently.

On the political front, he has served the Sierra Leone Peoples Party in different capacity including the national scribe of the party which he brilliantly and brightly served to win two Presidential/ Parliamentary Elections in 1996 and 2002 and the Local Elections (2004) when Sixteen (16) local councils out of Nineteen (19) were controlled by the Sierra Leone Peoples Party.

Prince Harding later acted as the Deputy National Chairman and leader of the SLPP and later becomes the substantive National Chairman of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP).

Only a mole and infiltrators will not applauds the rich history of Prince Alex Harding who with the supports of President Julius Maada Bio leads the party to State House in the 2018 elections.

His leadership skills and abilities have put him in a pole position to successfully clinch the Chairmanship of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party and with Brigadier Julius Maada Bio; they will give the All Peoples Party a run for their money in the 2023 elections.

Dr. Prince Alex Harding is politically and professionally equipped to carry forward the Agenda of the New Direction and to weaken all opposition parties and gives the SLPP victory in the coming general elections.

Harding has also sent an open challenged to the All Peoples Party that the Sierra Leone Peoples Party will go head to head with the APC in the western and rural areas for Members of Parliament, Councilors and even the Mayor ship in the 2023 polls.   

Dr. Prince Alex Harding also served as Minister in various Ministries like Mines and Mineral Resources, Internal Affairs and National Security and Transport and Communications.

At the Communications Ministry, he transformed the industry from public to private ownership and from monopoly to competition.

During his tenure, he created the regulator body, National Telecommunications Commission; Dr. Harding Successfully completed the Following courses.

Telecommunications Regulatory Master Class, from interconnecting communications Limited, Bath, United Kingdom, privatization 21st- century Challenges: Utilities, Regulations and private Finance infrastructure, a senior- Level Training Programme offered by Adam Smith institute, London, received Certificate of Attendance where he fully participated in a five(5) day Commonwealth seminar on world radio conference in spectrum management, held in London.

Supporters and contesting candidates should stop the baseless defamation, slander and senseless attack on Dr. Prince Harding who have done immense contributions to the Sierra Leone People Party.

Delegates of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party are 100% literates and know what is good for the party ahead of the 2023 elections; as delegates will never votes for felonious and lawless aspirant who go around boasting that he will make huge sum of money if elected as Chairman of the SLPP.

Those myopic and misguided statements by the social media aspirant together with his thoughtless supporters have the tendency to put the party into disrepute and chaos ahead of the 2023 elections.

The rabid and infected aspirant should consult someone like Dr. Prince Harding who has the knack and capabilities to lead the SLPP during his days as National Secretary General to Leader and Chairman of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party.

The wayward and strong-willed aspirant is playing dangerously using the social media and some miscreants to say all sorts of insulting and offensive languages towards decent members of the SLPP.

Delegates of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party should votes wisely and not be coned by erratic aspirants.

In another development, Dr. Prince Harding has led a cross-section of SLPP Executives, Members and supporters in Senehun Somba village, Bargboh chiefdom, Bo District, for the late Aruna Zukie Dauda who was the Constituency Chairman for constituency 078 covering both Lugbu and Bargboh chiefdoms in the Bo district.

The late Aruna has served as constituency 078 Young Generation leader for two consecutive terms.

Among other dignitaries present at the late man’s funeral were the Resident Minister for South who also doubles as the SLPP chairman for Bo district, Hon. Mohamed Alie, Mr Foday Abdulai; district Secretary, Bo, Member of Parliament for constituency 078; Hon. Habib Fabah and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, College of Medicine and Allied Sciences; Professor Samai.


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