“Development in Sierra Leone is Static”…Member of Parliament

“Development in Sierra Leone is Static”…Member of Parliament

By: Hon. Dr. Claude D.M. Kamanda (GOOR)

Country men and women, the development of our Country (Sierra Leone) since Independence (1961) is still in a snail pace.

I have always said that fast-track development can only take place when two (2) things will happen:

1. The Civil Service is Devoid of Politics. – Civil Servant must get off politics and do their professional job. Should a Civil Servant wish to become a Politician, he or she quits the Civil Service or wait after retirement

2. The Local Councils are Devoid of Politics – Let Chairpersons/Mayors and Councilors Contest on “Popularity”  – Under this, a Local Council Representative won’t hesitate to lobby the Central government Representative to take development to their localities. Again, peace will prevail within the localities as that Local Representative will at all times work very hard to unite his or her Ward or District or Municipality. Furthermore, Central Government won’t stifle any Council financially as that Government will always wish to be felt in that Locality.


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