Delegates Assure Prince Alex Harding!!

Delegates Assure Prince Alex Harding!!

Hundreds of delegates who spoke to Guardian Post from various offices of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) have assured voting for Dr. Prince Alex Harding as the National Chairman in their yet to be announced delegates conference.

According to some of the delegates; no amount of orchestrated ploy will distracts them from supporting or voting for someone who has given so much to the SLPP during the trying times of the party.

Harding, who was overwhelmingly voted in the past delegates confab in Bo, emphatically assured delegates in Bo that he will bring back the Sierra Leone Peoples Party back to power after the 2018 elections.

His victory statements was joyously accepted by supporters and top hierarchy of the party who believes and trust the latter during those trying times of the party.

Prince Harding maturity and popularity should not be overemphasized as the rank and file of the SLPP bestows him the confidence and assurances to take the party to State House both in 2018 and 2023 respectively.

The All Peoples Congress Party is in a better position to explain to Sierra Leoneans and the political class that the personality and disposition of Prince Harding is difficult to understand within the political class.

Though certain individuals within the Sierra Leone Peoples Party have being saying all sorts of gabble against the personality of the chairman; knowing very little of the latter who gave his wherewithal for the party to toppled the All Peoples Congress Party in the 2018 elections.

Supporters are confidence that with Prince Harding as chairman with his aptitude; skill and political acumen the 2023 elections will be a soft and easy work over for President Julius Maada Bio final term in office.

‘With Prince Alex Harding as chairman of the SLPP we will become victorious in the 2023 elections,’ they chanted.

‘We are calling on all delegates to triumphantly votes for Dr. Harding in our next delegate’s conference.

‘During the 2018 elections Dr. Harding traversed the length and breadth of the country with President Julius Maada Bio as they encouraged voters to see tangible reasons in voting for the New Direction government.’

Delegates also appealed to supporters of all contending candidates vying for the chairmanship of the SLPP to give respect and esteem to the latter as he has sacrificed a lot for the party that he so cherish and love.’

‘The acrimony and bitterness in the social media is outrageous as supporters and senior members of the party are throwing bile at each other,’ they states.

‘We should know that the SLPP is bigger than all of us, we are one big family, let us not allowed our emotion and ego to tear us apart with our fellow members and friends within the party.

Dr. Harding according to the delegates has the knack and flair to represent the Sierra Leone Peoples Party in all spheres due to his widely experience and knowledgeable skills which make him very integral and fundamental in the political landscape of the party.

His pure and classified heart has attracted support across the country, making him a renowned political figure within the political class in the country and automatically raised him above those amateur politicians who are misguided youths in the social media to say all sorts of derogatory languages against other contenders.

Mohammed Massaquoi, supporter of the SLPP pleaded to madcap supporters and sympathizers to tread cautiously in the social media and also not hurt other aspirants in the name of character assassination.

Massaquoi was very blunt when speaking to our Eastern Correspondence by urging his fellow supporters and sympathizers to give respect to elders of the party who have selflessly, diligently, meticulously served in various positions in past years.

‘If the membership and supporters of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party can recalled the role played by Dr. Harding during the 2018 elections, they will stop at nothing but to graciously and overwhelmingly supports and canvased votes for him in our coming delegates conference.’

Dr. Prince Harding has served in various capacities within the Sierra Leone Peoples Party, he knows the nitty-gritty and happens in the party to the extent that he was called ‘bullet’. And if you want to know the real meaning of bullet one should asked supporters of the All Peoples Congress Party during the 2018 elections.  

In another development, The SLPP National Chairman, Dr Prince Alex Harding has led a team of National officer of the Party to laid to rest Madam Mariama Umar Jalloh at the Hastings cemetery in Freetown.

The late woman was the wife of Hon. Mohamed Billoh Shaw, Member of Parliament for Constituency 039 representing the SLPP, Falaba District.

Among those that made it to Dr Harding’s entourage were the SLPP National Deputy Chairman; Mr Umaru Dumbuya, National Secretary-General; Hon. Umaru Napoleon Koroma, the Chief Whip of Parliament; Hon. Alusine Kanneh and a host of other members of Parliament and other party loyalists.


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