CSOs Concerned Over SLPP Violence

CSOs Concerned Over SLPP Violence

Civil Society Organizations in Kenema have issued a Press Release condemning the spate of violence and Human Rights Abused during the Sierra Leone Peoples Party Lower Level Elecions in the Eastern Region.

The Kenema District Civil Society and Human Rights Committee express deep concern regarding recent political violence and Human Rights Violations that took place during the SLPP27th March lower level elections in the eastern region.

‘We also regret the associated wounding and stabbing of indiviuals within the Kenema township and elsewhere and the scaring audio messages between and among party members. The release explains.

‘We urged all parties including the Sierra Leone Police, PPRC, and the National Commission for Democracy, All Political Party Youths and the SLPP Ledaership to hold up to their responsibilities including bringing perpetrators to be accountable for their actions.

The release furtherd that ‘At Civil Society and Human Rights Committee level we believe that peaceful and participatory political partys internal elections will best served if all those involved respect the rule of law and comply with their own internal policies and standard especially, those relating to transparent processes, fundamental Human Rights inclusion, space and freedom of association without intimidation.

Political violence of this nature according to the release clearly undermines women and disability persons to participate in a democratic process.

‘It is also a threat to our hard won peace, cohesion and national development.

The release which was signed by NCSF, KDHRC, Amnesty International nd FoDDHR also recoomends that those in charge of conducting future internal party elections must ensure that timing to the process is thoroughly publicized to ensure fairness and participation. We want to recommend that those responsible for conducting the elections provide adequate security and a level playing field for all concerned. ‘we would also recommend for speedy investigation by the Sierra Leone Police of alleged wounding and stabbing to ensure that perpetrators face justice without fear of favor.


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