Criminal Cartel Implicates Mines Minister

Criminal Cartel Implicates Mines Minister

A well-documented audio and video analysis which was recorded as evidences from the Simchi General Trading Company based in Dubai at against criminal cartel who criminally duped over $400,000 dollar from the above named company for gold business which ended up to be a sham.

In one of the recorded audio the National Mineral Agency worker was distinctly implicating the Minister of Mines and the Director of National Mineral Agency.

“Mr. Daniel Kapir Serry requested for $5,000,000 to give to his Director and Minister to facilitate the entire process of the deal,” they alleged.

“Daniel told us he has spoken with his Director and the Minister of Mines so we should urgently pay the said money for the Minister and the Director of which we did instantly.

According to Clement Chi, who flown from Dubai to Freetown said his encountered with senior officers at the CID was nothing to write home about as he faces frustration and intimidation from the so-called senior CID officers.

“Unfortunately, we had the impression that CID was unwilling to take serious moves to arrest these criminals, CID sent wrong information to the Financial Intelligent Unit and we had the impression that nothing serious was done to track down the 18 mobiles numbers given to the CID,” he explains.

“CID couldn’t even arrest the NMA worker who was moving around Freetown freely, until I had to create a fake facebook account to trap and arrest him, CID had no updates after the 3 months into the investigation even after we had arrested the fraudsters agent in the airport (Carlos Oscar) and the house keeper of those who rented them the offices.” He narrated.

“I had to complain to AIG Brima Jah; who got very angry after hearing my story; called on CID and requested that my file be brought to him immediately; he assigned a special unit (SIB) and Interpol to take over the investigation under his direct command.”

According to Clement Chi, he breathe a sigh of relief when SIB take up the investigation as major steps were taken to track down the criminals and with the help also of the Anti-Corruption Commission they were able to arrests Gibril Fofana and Moses Ousman Sesay respectively.

“We have to use private security to arrest Daniel Kapir,” he said.

“I must say bravo to officials of the Anti-Corruption Commission for their timely and appropriate intervention into the matter, I spent close to 7months in the country; I hope the ACC will give justice to us which will send a positive message to other investors who are wishing to invest in the country.

According to Clement Chi, the drama all started in the month of January when Simchi General Trading were invited to Freetown by one Fatmata Bumporo Sesay for a gold business and according to the contract signed by the company they were to just pay for the government taxes as they were to process everything with the government of Sierra Leone as balance payment has to be done once goods were delivered to Dubai.

However, these criminals were very brilliant as they continued to unlock their criminal potentials until they were able to swindled billions of Leones from these Dubai Investors.

The investors contacted the NMA staff (Daniel Kapir Serry) concerning the honesty of the business who confirmed to the investors that the business is genuine and straightforward.

They also forwarded all documents (License copies with company’s owner’s passports details) to the latter to check their authenticity with the Ministry of Mines and GGDO.

According to Chi, they were told that all the documents were genuine and they should pay the inflows as Daniel promised to monitor the transaction to make sure the process go on smoothly.

Having Daniel Serry in the business as a government employee working for the NMA puts more confidence in the investors to transfer inflows of money whenever they are ask per the agreement put forward by these criminals.

These are names of the cartel criminals soiling the image of the country internationally; Fatmata B. Sesay, Daniel Serry, Gibril Fofana, Mohamed Fofana, Mohammed Sumah, Moses Ousman Sesay, Mrs. Antoinette Sesay and their cartel.

Clement Chi is fervently appealing to the Bio’s administration as justice delay is justice denied, the criminal according to him have acknowledged the transaction, the culprits are presently on bail and we are waiting to have a quick reimbursement, we have also identified some of the properties owned by the criminals. “I have been in Freetown for almost 6 months now, I hope this wouldn’t take much time again.” Clement Chi cried out.  


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