The Chairman of the Political Parties Registration Committee (PPRC) at a press briefing held at the Information Ministry weeks ago informed that all seven political parties have signed a Memorandum of Understanding at his office promising their total support and participation in the sensitization of COVID-19 as a solidarity gesture in saving lives.

Mr Momoh Lahai, an activist for the SLPP branch Young Generation has revealed that on the ground, there are no indication that opposition parties are taking part to propagate COVID-19 either in the form of Bill’s, advertisement, visit to constituencies and communities.

Mr Lahai intimidated that the financial solidarity received from the International Community and financial contributions coming in from humanitarian and other institutions are not enough to fight the precautionary measures involved in the COVID-19 fight. He said his curiosity over negligence of some opposition parties is that some want to be included in financial gains ahead a motivation to kick-off. He said their various signatures appended at the PPRC were not normally inclined but financially motivated.

He said no patriotic citizen should think that a sitting government should be accountable for its expenditure in a period where the subject matter which is COVID-19 is seriously targeted. Mr Lahai believes that some characteristics of a meaningful political party should showcase in its deliverance of a national cause which has no human made connotations.

However, in his conclusion, Mr Lahai lanced an appeal to opposition parties to start ball rolling now by donating veronica buckets and soap to communities. This without exception includes President Bio’s appointees who may hide behind the performance of the charismatic President Bio.

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