Court Action Awaits Dennis Sandy!!

Court Action Awaits Dennis Sandy!!

Sierra Leoneans staying within the mountainous community and the diaspora are planning to take legal action against the fired Minister of Lands for what they described as tyrant and abused of office by the former Lands Minister.

The jubilant Sierra Leoneans openly applauded the President for relieving Dr. Denis Sandy who according to them was one of the worst Ministers in the Bio’s administration.

Dr. Sandy has always been on the news; be it social or traditional media, he fought with so many people, from Bathurst to Number 2 to Grafton, Mortem and many others communities.

The Creole Community had to make a delegation to President Julius Maada Bio claiming that the Minister had seized their lands of which Sandy sheepishly said the Creoles did not have documents for the said lands.

In the Ministry, Dr. Sandy was Demi God, some workers couldn’t even look at him in his face, he normally have ‘’praise and worship’’ just like kids are assembled in assembly in the beginning of the school day.

Workers at the Ministry of Lands and the Environment have breathed a sigh of relief after his sacking; there were boisterous celebrations in the evening hours when the news broke.

In one of his several radio interviews; Dr. Sandy arrogantly said all those with land documents that were signed by his predecessors were illegal and void.

That particular statement by him was stoutly challenged by many legal pundits who believed that the latter do not have the temerity and audacity to utter such a statement.

His recent outburst in trying to claim the Sierra Leone Grammar School land has seen him take the exit door as he will forever be remembered by Sierra Leoneans for his ‘bongolistic postures.’

Aminata Turay who happens to be a victim of Dr. Sandy highhandedness within the Gloucester Community was full of praise upon reading the press release from State House.

‘Finally our prayers have answered,’ She said, ‘Dr. Sandy has deprived thousands of Sierra Leoneans from their lands and we are going to take court action against him in the shortest possible time.

Amadu Sesay, residing at Grafton was also in ecstasy upon hearing the news in the evening hours of Monday that the bigot Sandy has being sacked by the President.

Former President of the Sierra Leone Bar Association has this to say ‘If Justice Accountability & Rule of law are what we really stand for Sandy should not just be sacked he must also be handed over to the authorities for investigation given the countless allegations of open abuse of power. If that happens it will be a New Direction indeed’.


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