Councillors Accused District Chairman

Councillors Accused District Chairman

By: Cecil Cole-Showers

Kailahun District Council according to our investigation is gradually degenerating to the lowest degree as compared to other councils across the country. The District Chairman according to councilors has taken himself as a semigod who thinks his power is above the sitting president of the Republic.

Instances justify by councilors of the council revealed that prior to the election of the Deputy Chairman of Council; they alleged that the District Chairman singlehandedly victimized his subjects with the threat that if anybody failed to support the late deputy Chairman development will be far-fetched to reach their respective wards.

This made all other contestants to step down and allowed the late Nancy Coomber to go unopposed as the second political head in the council.

After the death of Nancy Coomber, the position was made vacant and every Councilor who had interest contested for the position.

A particular councilor from Daru was interested in the Deputy Chairman together with councilor Edith who was supported by few liberal Councilors in the council.

A popular voice in the council by the name of Keke Sahr campaigned for councilor Doris Momoh instead of allowing Edith Amara who according to our information has some huge allegations for Keke Sahr.

Further findings proved that 16 of the councilors were allegedly given some amount of money to vote against councilor Edith.

All of the unfolding situations have left Kailahun District Council to be one of the least develop-oriented council in the country as the chairman does things without on his own without proper engagement with his councilors.

The 13 councilors who voted for Edith Amara are being seen as saboteurs in the eyes of the Chairman who is allegedly to be picking fights with his councilors for reason best known to him.   

Residents of Kailahun are deeply frustrated on the slow pace of development in the district as compared to sister’s council in the country.

The affected councilors according to our source have written series of letter to the Minister of Local Government on the performance of the working relationship with their chairman which they say it having negative feedback to them as grassroots politicians in the district.

‘2023 is just round the corner,’ they said. ‘What have we to show to our constituents in terms of development in our wards and district?’ They shouted. ‘We are calling on the central government through the Local Government Minister to urgently intervene before the situation got messy. All efforts to have the voice of the District Chairman proved futile as we go to press.


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