By: Jonathan Hindolo Kurabu, D CATALYST

I have spent considerable amount of time off my study and work to understudy President Bio. Each time I do so, the results end in futility. When I expect him to strike hard, he doesn’t; people he should keep an eagle eye on are the ones he dines with. I have lots to contend with so my task will be aborted notwithstanding, it’s pertinent to say that he is a Unifier. His vision for Sierra Leone if given the opportunity unhindered, he will unify this nation.

His two recent appointments in the persons of the Alpha Khan (D Senior Apprentice who now outsmarts his Bosses) and Dr. Julius Spencer, one of Sierra Leone’s prolific, resourceful and respected Media practitioners are apt to describe President Bio as the Man of the People.

These accolades could better describe a good leader but haplessly, some people around him are not just fit and proper to be around him. No matter how hard he tries, they will continue to seek their selfish interests.

For some, Corona like Ebola is the fastest ways to get rich or die trying. Against the caution by ACC, some have already started engaging in acts of corruption and regrettably, it’s happening in the Bo District EOC. Same might be the case in other District EOC’s but I can say it with authority especially so when one of the Maxims of Equity was shared with me by a senior colleague “He who assets must prove” Well Commissioner Francis Ben Kaifala will take it from where I stopped.

Recruitment into the Bo District EOC has been overtly and covertly compromised. You are either a known party operative or a relative of the EOC senior staff.

 Unfortunately, some of these known staff are inept, they have no business being employed but as you know someone remarked” Joe nor kill u sef, na ya so na SALONE wusai u degree nor matter, wusai connection mater Pas experience” sad you know!

Imagine one of the newly recruited Staff does not even know what corona is. What can he say? Little wonder my police friends asked a passerby to greet Quarantined nurses at the Bo Children’s Hospital yesterday.

If my own service to this country is to expose bad elements within our society, I will do so with no regret.

Conclusively, I’m calling on the Anti-Corruption Commission to do a background check on all the newly recruited Staff at the Bo District EOC and where possible extend same to others.

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