“Controversial” Liz Mans faces serious rivalry

By Steven Gerald

The longest serving President of the All People’s Congress (APC) Party Women’s Wing who has been at the center of fierce criticisms by her comrade is to face serious challenges from the APC Grassroot Women of Substance and erstwhile Ministers of former EBK government. Liz Mans who has enjoyed the Selection Clause Syndrome which has affected both men and women of the party for the past decade seems skeptical of regaining her position. Madam Mariama Kanu, member of the Women’s Wing gives reasons why she thinks Liz Mans should now start to count her days. She said Liz was supreme over others because of the support she received from Dr. Ernest  Bai Koroma in his first term of office when she faced a serious battle over the presidency with late Makala Kamara, daughter of Late Bambay Kamara and Isatu Sesay, wife of the late Moses Sesay an influential APC member.

She said upon realizing that Liz Mans popularity was sinking should in case they go into elections, EBK intervened and invited the three at Lodge where they reached an agreement after numerous appeal for Liz to be the president.

Isatu up i and Makala up ii. She said  since her appointment, Liz could not consolidate peace with her two Vice President instead saw the women who supported the three camps divided into factions Those loyal to Liz were appointed in her cabinet and ripped most of the fortune in the former EBK rule.

She noted that Liz Mans had all along behaved with impunity and there was no consolidated peace from the hierarchy, she believe that if her position is fairly contested for in the fourth coming Mini Convention, Liz Mans will pay the prize of her governance were in rival women of the APC had little knowledge of an existing umbrella.

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