• August 2, 2021
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The National Commission for Privatization (NCP) has officially opened a Book of Condolence for the Late Madam Josephine M. Ansumana, former Executive Secretary. While delivering a short sermon at the event, Rev Raymond Ayodele Bola Williams admonished mourners not to lose hope amidst this trying time. He encouraged all to be steadfast and hold firmly […]

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Abdulai O Conteh told to Back-off

You always stand for the truth; my advice to you is to avoid the current APC Politics. Your Tribesman Osman Foday Yansaneh is ready to destroy you. You stand against Siaka Stevens and tell him the truth, he later sacked you, because of your straightforwardness and Yansaneh is here telling his puppy to abuse your […]

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Degree Grade: The Cause for Unemployment and Backwardness in Africa

By Dr. Ahmed Adamu Each century has its unique challenges and requirements, and educational qualification and requirement must evolve as well. The 20th century educational system was designed to prepare people to work in offices and farms, and unfortunately, we still run this type of educational system in 21st century, when we have spaceships that […]

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“Council Is the Hub for Development”… Kenema Mayor

By:  KAMAL M BARRIE (KENEMA) In an exclusive interview with the Mayor of the Kenema City Council on the construction of a 64 stores story building which the council is undertaking, His Lordship Thomas Baio says councils should be the hub for development. Responding to questions posed to him on where the council raises the […]

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“Development in Sierra Leone is Static”…Member of Parliament

By: Hon. Dr. Claude D.M. Kamanda (GOOR) Country men and women, the development of our Country (Sierra Leone) since Independence (1961) is still in a snail pace. I have always said that fast-track development can only take place when two (2) things will happen: 1. The Civil Service is Devoid of Politics. – Civil Servant […]

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Political Drunk Ministers Furious

There is serious outrage amongst Government Ministers and their Deputies after the Speaker of Parliament clarified the use of the title “Honorable”, the Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Dr. Abass Chernor Bundu has today Wednesday 21st July 2021 ruled, that it could only be used by persons who are serving or had served in elected offices […]

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The Babies Are Still Dying

By: Cecil Cole-Showers The Free Health Care initiated by the Koroma administration and also supported by the Bio’s government continued to have obstacle and challenges as the babies are still dying in government hospitals across the country. Some of these deaths are curable but the attitude of some of these health workers is sickening and […]

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Chief Minister Assures Njala University

The Chief Minister of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Honorable Jacob Jusu Saffa has over the weekend assured Njala University of President’s Bio unflinching commitment to the growth and development of Njala University. He made this statement during the delivery of a 500 KVA generator to the institution courtesy of Orange Sierra Leone The Chief […]

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Panic Grips Rokel Commercial Bank

Workers of Rokel Commercial Bank (RCB) were left dumfounded and flabbergasted prior to the verdict given to one of their colleagues in a grand corruption matter involving workers of the Electricity Distribution Services Authority (EDSA). Several workers who spoke to Guardian Post says the verdicts by the learned Judge should send a clear message to […]

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One thing I have always admired and learnt from Zuma is that never abandon your people and your culture and traditions even if you ascend to the highest Office on the land. They will be the last people to defend you when everyone goes against you. What happened this weekend in KwaZulu-Natal are the benefits […]

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