An investigating international Journalist has intimidated this medium that his institution has mandated him to kick-starts an in-depth investigation on issues bordering local Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs).

According to the Journalist, his investigation will focus on various thematic areas such as NGOs/ CSOs transactions with their foreign donor partners and also why some of these Non-Governmental Organizations or Civil Society Organizations are refusing to spend the 70% allocation to their target beneficiaries.

It could be recalled that the Ministry of Economic Planning has over the past weeks held series of meetings with NGOs/CSOs for the full implementation of NGOs policy which among other things includes the 70% quota.

The investigation according to our source will focus on how some these Non-Governmental Organizations have ripped hapless Sierra Leoneans from money given by tax payers in overseas to help deprived and needy communities in Sierra Leone.

Some of these NGOs/CSOs according to our findings are busy bluffing with flashy cars and living luxurious life style whiles the beneficiaries wallop in poverty.

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