Beware of 419NERS

Beware of 419NERS

Today I received a call from a certain Michael Kamara (+232 76 312312) who purported he works for NRA at the port. He said he recommended me for a job at EU with a handsome salary. He asked me to call a certain Tunde Williams (030-755878) whose contact he gave me.

Then I asked him why did you recommend me, he said oh…don’t ask you need this job it is well paid. My next question was, do I have to pay any token? Oh yes, a handsome job like that doesn’t go for free. Then I said “ar nor mix pa una 419 business ya.” He dropped the call.

I went on to call Mr. Tunde Williams. Deliberately, I called him Mr. Tunje to find out whether the information is the same…lol. He immediately said I am Mr. Tunde Williams.

I said to him Michael gave me your number, oh ok…can I call you in five minutes? I knew they wanted to coordinate their attack.

In less than five minutes I called him again and he told me to send him Le 20,000 top up for him to do a quick interview for me. Sha…there’s God oh…

I laughed and said to him “una norgo lef dis una 419 business.” Hmmm… Una norgo believe say nar abusive language Mr. Tunde Williams starts raining on me as he drop the call.

Another Intelligence received from members of the public indicates that criminals operating in town have step up a new method of carrying out their criminal activities between the hours of 22:00 and 23:00 (towards curfew hours). They will purport to be a passenger, asks the okada rider to carry them in a certain direction where their associate will be hidden with offensive weapon. On reaching that position where nobody is there for help, the pillion (criminal) will pretend to urinate. As soon as the rider stop,  unknowingly to the rider, the associate (criminal) will come from his hiding place together at once,  hit the rider with offensive weapon in such a way that he could not be able to resist them and they rob him off his motor bike. Some riders have sustained serious injuries; some have even lost their lives as a result of the conducts of these criminals.  Take necessary actions by educating your riders (children, wards, etc) about these criminal activities for their safety and security.


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