Baby Girl Cries Out

11 months old baby Isha Gborie was born with a congenital heart complications.

As at the moment she has three serious challenges in one. She has Congenital heart disease, Transposition of the Great Arteries (all the vessels from the heart are arising wrongly) and hole in the heart called ventricular septal defect.

Baby Isha is currently resident in Waterloo and the parents are unable to meet the financial demands to carry out her surgeries so they reached out to the Sick Pikin Project.

We are coming to you as there is no way we will be able to give Isha a second chance in life without your support.

Her three surgeries as advised by the Doctors at Max Specialist Hospital in New Dehli, traveling expenses for baby and mother, accommodation and feeding will cost $ 15,000 USD.

Remember nothing is too small; a collection of our little resources will make a pool that end up saving lives.

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