By Sall Tee Jay

The All Peoples Congress which happens to be the main opposition is presently working on reforms to appease its membership, who before this time, have been frowning on the party’s ‘’Selection Clause’’ which they strongly believe was undemocratic.

This frustration was also echoed by young APC folks, popularly known as National Reformation Movement (NRM). NRM has been putting pressure on the party’s leadership to ensure a review of the constitution take effect alongside other pressing issues, which they strongly believe were affecting the smooth running and operations of the party. 

Therefore, the APC National Advisory Council (NAC), which is the highest body of the party in decision making, is said to have set the agenda for a fair play ahead of the party’s convention, which is expected to hold soon.  Some of the issues that formed part of the NAC meeting recently, according to inside party sources, was for the party to come up with key decisions in connection with the adoption of a new and reviewed constitution, alongside the convention that will see the election of national officers.  With plans to adopt the new constitution against November this year, it is likely that the first adoption will be used to revoke all expulsions and suspensions in order to prepare the party for the election of a Presidential candidate in 2020. If this goes through, the APC, as a party will be prepared to receive and welcome home the likes of Alhaji Samuel  Sam Sumana and his followers alongside  Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray, who were two political heavyweights that defected to set up and establish their own political parties.  Sam Sumana, many believe, is willing and ready to return home, forgetting the past and this time round, to ensure his party (APC) takes State House come 2023. Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray, another fire brand and political exponent, is also on preparation to return home and join the list of Presidential hopefuls. Kamarainba is more than determined this time than never before to ensure his dream becomes a reality for the APC to take State House in 2023.  APC’s 2018 Presidential candidate, Dr. Samura Kamara, has been providing leadership since his party lost the 2018 election. Dr. Kamara is said to have won the hearts and minds of many APC folks because of his courage, commitment and dedication to keep the party very active in the spheres of Sierra Leone Politics. He is popular and commands a good number of party followers. His movement within the country is always noticeable, as if he is the President of Sierra Leone. Dr. Samura Kamara, recently in Kono and Bo Districts, openly stated that he was happy to see the return of his brother Samuel Sam Sumana to his root.  In Bo, Kamara openly said, ‘’ I am happy to see my brother. I am ready and willing to work with him for the betterment of our great party. Power comes from God and I strongly believe in that ‘’ Kamara told the large gathering at the funeral ceremony of the late APC Bo District Chairman, Sheik Sillah. That statement became topical to the extent that people see Samura Kamara as a man with an open mind.  Others believe that if the APC as a party decides to hold an election for the position of Presidential candidate nationwide, Samura Kamara will emerge the victor, but if they go by the delegates of the party, Samsuman stands a chance of becoming the victor.  Kamarainba, who is a very strong political figure is expected to join the race and will also create an impact.  This has therefore created serious political discussions within the APC to choose the best among the rest.  

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