By: PR Department, Mercury International

It appears the Christmas season is almost here for Mercury International customers after the company made a total payout of Three Billion, Six Hundred Millions Leones (Le 3.6, 000,000) to over Thirteen Thousand (13,000) customers in a single individual draw.

Tuesday night Edition 62 of the Company’s National Draw provided the biggest individual lottery draw this month with another drop of popular balls, 18-81 amongst the Tuesday night October 8 winning balls which are: 18-36-81-65-74 (Extra 6-(39), Extra 7-(29)).

The latest winning came following previous three big winnings which saw over 5,000 (Five Thousand) customers won Le 1.2 Billion (One Billion, Two Hundred Million Leones) from Edition 61 of the Kangari 5/90 lottery draw with 58-85 fall in Turbo 4 of the Winning numbers (58-32-65-85-26 (E6-48, E7-75).

Also, the International Draw produced another set of popular ball; 35, 55 from Winning Numbers; (78-55-52-9-35 (Extra 6-58, Extra 7-(54)). A total of One Billion, Twenty-Nine Million, One Hundred and Eighty-Nine Thousand Leones (Le 1, 029,189,000.00) was paid-out for the said winning.

The Sunday Special draw Edition 60 also produced two of the most popular lottery balls; 1-90 amongst the following Winning Numbers; 90-23-31-18-1 (Extra 6-(8), Extra 7-(53) with over One Thousand (1,000) winners and a total of One Billion, Five Hundred and Fifty-Five Million, Two Hundred and Fifteen Thousand, Four Hundred Leones (Le 1, 550, 215, 400.00) payout.

According to Mercury International Managing Director, Martin Michael Tuesday’s night drop of 18-81 is the largest individual draw winning in October and of recent time adding that as a company, they are very happy to see such huge wins from the customers as they are playing to win.

He said: “Those who play the Turbo and Boost were the huge winners than the ones who played the normal NAP 2. If you want to win more than the normal, then you should play the Turbo and Boost because the odds are bigger than the normal NAP 2.”

The Managing Director further stated that as a company they will ensure that every customer gets paid because they are running a genuine business.

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