APC to Strike Coalition 2023

APC to Strike Coalition 2023

The All Peoples Congress 99 tactics to win elections, the ongoing issues and events has indicated that the tactics enumerated could no longer work, the National Reformatory Movement continuous alarm and unjustifiable approach, negligence to ratify the propose constitution continues to tightened the party secretariat.

Former flag-bearer Samura Kamara enjoys popularity across the country over a selection clause that sees him toppled favorite and preferred aspirants of the party that should have put the party into unfailing governance.

Investigations conducted by this reporter in higher circles of the All Peoples Congress indicated that the party should urgently replace Balogun Koroma who was the Party campaigner and prefer to exile himself after a Commission of Inquire hunt, orator Alpha Khan who has been styled by his party as betrayal for supporting the Commission of Inquiry (COI) course need another rhetoric orator like Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray who can take the ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party Lawrence Leema and Joe Sesay.

They argued that Kamaraimba had on many occasions not only lambasted the APC and its personalities, but equally so pronounced his fitness to become president of the nation; they say the question now is if he joins the APC what will he go for?

The All Peoples Congress hierarchy says Kono District is the most wanted by all for APC presidential victory, the re-incorporation of Sam Sumana will be in exchange of C4C victory in municipal and legislative victory in exchange for a support of presidential votes for the APC.

They say Chernor Bah aka Chericoco, will surely give up his running mate ticket for topographic disadvantages as the Party should go in for a grassroots politicians that can confused the SLPP in the Western areas.

“Chernor Bah may likely be promised the speaker’s position if the All Peoples Congress won the 2023 elections,” they said.

The Portloko and Kambia factors in the All Peoples Congress Party are also in deep consultation as to who should represent their respective districts for the flag-bearer position of the APC.

The likes of Alpha Kanu and Alimamy Koroma agreeable   resigned their respective position ahead of the ‘stage-managed’ Makeni confab.

With tensions escalating every day over the forceful application of the election clause, come next convention, will the delegates succumbed to their Leader and Chairman to selects his choice of candidates again?


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