Former Minister in the Ernest Koroma led government; Dr Samura Kamara has told a local newspaper that he has nothing to be afraid of the Commission of Enquiry (COI) White Paper that would be released by the government soonest.

He said he was never called by the COI and even though he believes that they would have had some frivolous information about him, they were not bothered to invite him, because his time in government has been one of responsibility.

“If the COI had something against me they would have called me. The only thing they had was the Sierra Rutile matter that the Financial Secretary Mr Jusu eventually told the court that he heard it over the radio, and that was the end. I know they would have gone through my assets and bank records, but maybe they did not call me because the government might have their plans to use their White Paper to ban me out of politics.

When asked if really he thinks the SLPP government would want to ban him from politics. Dr Samura Kamara noted that he will not pre-empt but anything is possible because he thinks he is very popular and the people of Sierra Leone this time round would prefer him to the current leader. So they might want to use any available means to silence him.

He said he believes that the COI was not done genuinely but they would want to use the outcome to ban several APC members so that they will weaken the party for the next general elections.

Dr Samura Kamara averred that if such has to happened they would focus on him and ex President Koroma who is the leader and chairman of the party, so that the party would find it difficult in getting a good flag bearer that would win election for the party, and to disrupt the peace and tranquil of the party.

“I know they have the power to do such as we have seen them kicking out 10 of our MPS from Parliament, teargas our party office and have done so much to us and we have been patient. If they have the plan to ban us from politics by using the White Paper then I am sure it will not only be me but majority of members of the APC party.”

Dr Samura Kamara said the reason why he is talking about the COI White Paper is because he has heard from different quarters that the government wants to use the White Paper to ban APC politicians as they are afraid that they would not be able to win the next election if especially Ex President Ernest Koroma and himself are banned from politics.

The former flag bearer said as a party they are preparing themselves as the SLPP government would not surprise them by bringing out a White Paper that they would use to set them aside.

“I am thinking that they would want to release it when they will be celebrating their two awful years in office. During their first anniversary they came up with the forensic auditing with some astronomical figures that they said were missing. So in April they will celebrate two years and what they will come up with is the White Paper to ban us from politics.  They have nothing to celebrate for the time in office so they will need something to celebrate.”

Dr Samura Kamara reiterated that the current rice saga that has embarrassed them, what they did was to use the rise in fuel price to set a new agenda so that people will forget about the rice, and he said it succeeded because the media has forgotten about the rice saga and they are now talking about the fuel.

He said he understands this government strategy and said it was so disappointing that Sierra Leone was unable to secure a deal in the just concluded UK-Africa Summit.

“I hope the media will discuss some of this important news item that has a telling effect on our society, because we need investment to grow our economy and for a president to attend such a forum and come with nothing means something is wrong.

He called on Sierra Leoneans to be ready to receive the news of APC members being ban from politics because due to the economic crisis in the country they know they will not be able to win any re-election in Sierra Leone other than using every available means that will destroy the peace and tranquil of the country.

Dr Samura Kamara said they will be waiting to hear from them but they have already prepared for that.

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