My dear Comrades of the APC and fellow Sierra Leoneans in the diaspora,

At times like this, it is helpful that we stay together to weather the storm. As I listen to the news and see the reports about the marauding effect of Covid-19, my heart bleeds for my dear brothers and sisters out there. What is most troubling is the fact that there is not much I can do to stop Covid-19 apart from keeping safe, washing hands frequently, observing social distance and staying home as much as possible.

This message is to you and all of your members out there to say we are here thinking and praying for all of you. It is our hope and belief that the God we serve shall keep us safe through this pandemic so that we shall all give thanks and praises to him when it is over. This one too shall pass.

Please remember that Sierra Leone today recorded its 15th case of Covid-19. This is more than double what the total was one week ago. What the future holds for all of us can be any one’s guess. When this is added to the everyday economic hardships and social ills we have to continue to endure, we can only hope for God’s divine intervention to save this land.

May the good Lord continue to shield us away from the claws of Covid-19. May we develop the resilience to cope with the economic hardships and accompanying social ills that plague our societies to varying degrees. May we stick together and be united as comrades. May we continue to be each other’s keeper.

We shall not relent. We shall not despair. We shall take solace in and derive strength from the founding fathers of our Party when they sang IN THE STRUGGLES OF APC THERE IS VICTORY.

Aluta Continua

Your comrade,

Richard Konteh

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