APC MP Survives Attack!!

APC MP Survives Attack!!

The Honourable Member of Parliament representing the All Peoples Congress Party Hon. Hassan Sesay in a viral audio message says his attack by a hit-and-run vehicle was premeditated and the Police should do thorough investigation.

According to the ailing Parliamentarian who’s admitted at the Connaught Hospital in Freetown give thanks and praise to God Almighty for saving his life from the hands of his assailants.

The Member of Parliament sustained broken leg, broken ribs and other serious injuries on the head and neck which has warranted the Speaker of Parliament to send the sickening Parliamentarian to seek medical attention in overseas.

The distressed Parliamentarian also condemned the slothfulness of the Sierra Leone Police to speedily conclude their investigation into the alleged action by the run-away-driver.

The Chief Whip for the All Peoples Congress Party recounted that he was with some of his friends at Geegi-Bonta, Lumley beach road having relax able moment with friends when the unfortunate incident occurred.

“What happened on that day was deliberate,” he confesses; if a Member of Parliament can be treated in this way, what about the hapless. Investigation continues.


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