Pa Amara Bangura, a businessman at Guard Street, nearly went into blows amidst insults, opposite a few meters from the Basharia Mosque at the center of Bombay Street, on Friday March 13th 2020 at after 2:30pm with Osman Sesay, whom he alleged received the sum of Le200, 000 with the purpose to buy credit to post in various social media groups writing favors of support for Samura Kamara, popular APC flag bearer. He said the exchange of the said sum at a house situated at Montegu Street habited by Samura’s relatives.

Amara was advised to pardon Osman in the name of Alhaji, which he did. He had not breathe a sigh of relief for sixty seconds when he was attacked by Unisa Sesay, he came out in a hairy from the Mosque, Osman held strong the right hand of Amara and told the watching crowd mainly from the Mosque ‘’that a week ago, Osman, a tall impressive looking bright skin well drained individual was given five million Leones from another APC flag bearer in four commodities with the potential of contesting of both men and women of popular ranking in those communities, Osman replied in a beaming smile denoting a never regret for a deed campaigned.

“It was not you that give me the money, wait calmly for the report our man shall rise up Inshallaah”.

On the scene flocked with men and women who have observed their Jumah prayers at the Basharia Mosque, a pro-active woman supporter, Haja Amie Conteh expressed her disappointment over lobbyists for aspirant collected more than a hundred and fifty million Leones in the pre-2018 flag bearer campaign, before the Selection Clause was effected, to be used in communities and religious centers, most of it went into their pocket unanswered to anyone.

She said the whole scenario has changed before the propose October flag bearer race of the party, but she fears the attitudes have not as to whom top trust. The populist flag bearer in the likes of Sam Sumana, Samura Kamara, John Fitzgerald Kamara and the hidden have now begin to pour in money to various supportive groups but as she says that is not enough to give a better answer to lobbyists passing secret damaging information from one camp to the other for personal gains and equally show face in supportive groups.               

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