Alpha Khan, Publicity Secretary and former Flag-bearer aspirant of the All People’s Congress (APC) has referred to the party’s January 2020 delegate conference as “misnamed”. The party should rethink and name the convention an Emergency Delegates Conference. The APC is expected to hold their national delegates conference from 10th – 12th January 2020 in Port Loko, Sierra Leone. In a press release, the Party stated the conference is geared towards the adoption of the draft constitution that was recently reviewed by the party’s constitutional review committee.  On Saturday 16th November 2019, Khan said the Party should summon an emergency delegate conference rather than what has been proposed. He furthered that the January delegate conference has been called allegedly for one item only, and “…there will be nothing to stop that convention choosing national officers and a presidential candidate once it has been convened.” He added that they are bound by the provisions stated in the 1995 constitution to accept that possibility if the conference chairs so proclaims, and that if such happened nobody would be able to challenge the chair. He said the party is not sufficiently prepared for such an eventuality and they should not move in that direction because there are not enough delegates legitimately empowered to do so.

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