The Guardian Post has bumped into series of anomalies that disturb the All People’s Congress Party (APC) across the country that cost the past to lose power to the Sierra Leone Peoples Party in the March the March 7th Elections.

A synopsis on why the All People’s Congress Party dropped votes in the South-East especially Kailahun District should be squarely put to former cabinet Ministers who former President Koroma adore so much in his government.

The party should be watchful again for the “fifth-column” as they are allowing the ruling government to spring into their stronghold in the north of the country.

The Maada Bio factions are all over the place especially Portloko District doing the ‘dirty kind of Africa politics’ as they secured the much needed votes for the SLPP.

One such person is the Resident Minister for the North-West Region who was the running-mate for Mohammed Kamarainba Mansaray in the past elections.

The excesses of Madam Haja Isata to the Portloko people and other areas is given the All Peoples Congress Party an unease atmosphere to operates as a political party.

Her recent behaviors in usurping offices within her areas of command will definitely scared party faithful from the APC to operate freely.

The boycotts of the party secretariat in the just concluded by-election in Koya chiefdom was not a welcome news to party faithful in that part of the country.

Though unreliable information are alleging that senior operatives of the All Peoples Congress Party are clandestinely working with the Resident Minister in gagging the APC in that part of the country continued to be a farce to be accepted by the party secretariat in Freetown.

It could be recalled that Ministers appointed by former  President Koroma were seen openly campaigning against the wish of the party especially in Kailahun in the run of the March 7th poll which sees the party trailing the Sierra Leone People’s Party with over 14,000 votes.

These was the worst result ever the All People’s Congress have pulled in Kailahun District since 2007, a decision the party secretariat should looked into if they wanted to clinch the seat of power comes 2023.

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