Ahead of By-Election… Momoh Vandi Shakes Kailahun

Ahead of By-Election… Momoh Vandi Shakes Kailahun

2023 Presidential hopeful for the All People Congress (APC) Dr. Momoh Vandi, has donates forty (40) bags of rice to Kailahun district executive, with cash of two million Leones (Le 2,000,000), in a bid to woos voters ahead of the bye-election on Saturday.

Since the pronouncement of date by NEC for the by-elections for both constituency 10 and ward 12,  Kailahun has been a very rough and hostile territory for APC members,  but what mesmerized the district executive most was the presence of the courageous, soft-spoken and no nonsense Dr. Momoh Vandi.

The former Finance Minister has being criss-crossing the entire constituency and ward calling on voters to vote for the All Peoples Congress aspirants; noting that the All Peoples Congress made tremendous efforts in the district.

Momoh Vandy according to our information has being very instrumental in human capacity building and developmental projects throughout the Southeast in his shortest time of office.

Constituents of constituency 10 and ward 12 openly invited Momoh Vandi who has being very supportive to them in terms of giving scholarship and other supports to them.

‘We decided to invites comrade Vandy in constituency 10 and ward 12 because his presence will encouraged more votes for the All Peoples Congress aspirants, sources close to the constituency explains.

‘Though Kailahun is the one of the stronghold of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party the All Peoples Congress will give the ruling government a run for their money.

Thousands of APC supporters who came out to cheers comrade Vandy says his presence in the constituency is a blessing for the All Peoples Congress aspirants.

In his succinct messages to the people he called on both APC and SLPP to choose hope over fair and come out to cast their vote for both councilor and parliamentary aspirants of the APC respectively.

However, the Sierra Leone Peoples Party aspirant is having sleepless nights in the constituency as the independent candidate who is also a staunch supporter of the SLPP decided to go independent because the party failed to award him the symbol.

Supporters of both the independent and SLPP candidates have being clashing for weeks now which has led to the death of    and the fear executive members of the party  


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