ACC Exonerates APC Strong Man

ACC Exonerates APC Strong Man

One of the persons of interest in the ongoing investigation of the multi-millions dollar corruption scandal at the Sierra Leone Mission to the United Nation has in a letter jubilated and feels elated from his exoneration prior to the final findings by the Anti-Corruption Commission, Leroy Kabs Kanu was the Minister Plenipotentiary and Deputy Ambassadorial for 9 years and one of the few top diplomats and employees not named in by the ACC. Below is the statement by Leroy Kabs Kanu.


My dear APC colleagues and church members:

This is to inform you that the Sierra Leone Anti-Corruption Commission today finally revealed its findings from a protracted investigation on the multi-million dollar corruption scandal at the Sierra Leone Mission to the UN in New York.

According to reports, the government of Sierra Leone disbursed over 6 million dollars to the Mission between 2011 and 2018 for the renovation of the Mission at East 49th Street in New York. This money, it was reported was embezzled by mission staff.

The Anti-Corruption Council, in announcing today that massive corruption did take place, named many of the employees, including top diplomats as persons of interest who will have their day in court for the corruption.

I am delighted to inform you that that your humble servant who served as Minister Plenipotentiary a deputy ambassadorial posting for 9 years at the Mission was one of the only few top diplomats and employees not named as a person of interest in the scandal. Since we lost power in 2018, my name had not been mentioned in any derogatory or dishonest or corrupt dealings, either here or Freetown or anywhere in Sierra Leone or the world.

It is important to amplify this because I have many enemies here and in Sierra Leone who were waiting with bated breaths today for my name to be mentioned in the UN Mission corruption scandal. But as we say in Krio , E lef pan dem. I am writing this article especially for these enemies of mine who had been gossiping that my name would be mentioned in the scandal at the UN Mission in New York. ‘Den nor’ really sabby Kabs Kanu.

I am one proud Loko boy. My name will never be mentioned in corruption because I am not corrupt and I try my best to conduct business in a honest fashion in whatever capacity I serve. For this I give glory to God who created me.

In the mid1970s, I was the Principal of the United Muslim Association Secondary School in Freetown. I was principal at a time when a lot of money was pouring in from Saudi Arabia, Libya, Bahrain, Kuwait and international Islamic organizations who were funding the school at the time to help it establish itself. Though a lot  of money passed through my hands  as the Principal , I did not tamper with a cent and  I was highly commended for my honesty throughout my service . Mind you, I had just graduated from FBC and the temptations to live a high class life with material status symbols like cars to impress women were high .

As a matter of fact, whenever friends visited me, they used to joke: “Mr. Principal, oose tem we dey cam wass de new car? “ I used to tell them I had no money to buy a car. I used to go to work and back by poda poda  or by walking on foot from Berwick Street to Fort  Street .

In Liberia, I also served in top capacities Curriculum Specialist at the Ministry of Education and Acting Registrar of the Kakata Rural Teachers Training College . Lots of money passed through my hands again but at no time did anybody find me guilty of corruption or any embezzlement.

I have a policy in life that I will rather die poor than seek to be rich through corruption or haramu.

I was at the Mission in New York when all the transactions went on for that renovation but I kept away from it.

So to my enemies , the only thing you can indict me for are my writings as a journalist and I have no regrets for that and owe nobody an apology for what I write . I am a journalist and I am entitled to my opinions as a free man of the realm. It is my business whom I support or criticize in exercise of my democratic franchise.

If you love me, rejoice with me today because it was another day I put my enemies, who do not really understand me, to teal shame.

Me nar wan proud Loko boy. I am content with what I have, to the glory of God. And I thank God that I have children who are also incorruptible. YOU cannot corrupt them. We give all the glory to God.



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