Abdulai O Conteh told to Back-off

Abdulai O Conteh told to Back-off

You always stand for the truth; my advice to you is to avoid the current APC Politics. Your Tribesman Osman Foday Yansaneh is ready to destroy you.

You stand against Siaka Stevens and tell him the truth, he later sacked you, because of your straightforwardness and Yansaneh is here telling his puppy to abuse your mum.

You stand against the Belize Government on the land law and you gain international respect.

You told them the truth they will come at you.

My Advice is avoids the current APC Politics

Bai Mahmoud Bangura you were one the youngest Minister from Kambia meaning you still have time to showcase your talent but today you are part of a team that insult elders of Kambia and APC Stakeholders.

To my lens, it’s seemed that most APCIANS scribes are not feel the pinch of been in opposition and are still playing “TIN TAN TUN”.

Those who’re clamoring and wanting to be a potential Presidential material should put their house in order and try to pacify rowdy supporters.

With all due respect to some of these wannabe aspirants; don’t even have what it takes to even win a ward election not to measure constituencies’ elections they should get back to the technical drawing board and mesmerized their conscience.

Some of you have been in authority for the past ten years and yet can’t comprehend the pros and cons of governance and opposition.

Keep on holding the party you say you loved into ransom, I know some of you are not good for yourselves, the APC and as well as the country by and large extend.

Refrained from your dirty tricks, “the stubborn chicken that refuses to hiss the warning of a gentleman will eventually get stoned”. The National Reformation Movement in press release supported Abdulai Conteh and also fumes at his attackers, below is the press release by NRM.

NRM Condemns Attack on Abdulai Conteh


We express our disapproval of the senseless acts of lawlessness directed against Dr. Abdulai O. Conteh and members of the Committee of Elders of the All People’s Congress on July 15, 2021.

In their effort towards a peaceful dispute resolution in the APC, the Committee of Elders arrived at the party’s headquarters for their meeting on July 15, 2021. Led by Dr. Abdulai O. Conteh, the elders were immediately confronted by a gang of lawless thugs who insisted that the elders were ineligible for entrance at the party’s headquarters. The reason for the denial of entry, the thugs admitted, was based on instructions they received from the party’s illegal Secretary General, Osman Foday Yansaneh. Although Dr. Abdulai O. Conteh managed to explain their objective at the party’s office, the street-gang members, acting under the instructions of Osman Foday Yansaneh, and issuing threats of physical violence, were unyielding in their denial of entry to members of the Committee of Elders. Despite the fact that the elders were pushed too far by this unprovoked act of lawlessness, they remained perfectly calm and left the headquarters peacefully.

Without any doubt, the denial of entry and torrent of diatribes against Dr. Abdulai O. Conteh and members of the Committee of Elders were triggered by the inability to conscript them into the establishment’s egocentric trickery. It is a terrible shame that the intervention of a well-respected body of elders has sparked the small-minded reaction we saw on July 15 from the highest reaches of our party’s hierarchy.

The uncouth practices of barring a certain set of comrades from entering the offices of the party and translating prejudice against reformers into violence are becoming quite frequent. There cannot be a more fitting candidate for the Yansaneh-masterminded cowardly attacks than anyone who dares to challenge the impunity of the party’s illegal executive, cultivates a progressive thought or impartially advocates for dispute resolution in the APC. This is why we are not surprised when, in an absolutely ridiculous press release; Osman Foday Yansaneh tried to cover his tracks and attributed the incident to security measures.

We sharply condemn Osman Foday Yansaneh’s efforts at building a mob of mindless thugs at the party’s headquarters and making the sight of anyone opposed to his doomed ambition, selfishness and authoritarian ways an object of vicious attack. The fact that Osman Foday Yansaneh, who is fast acquiring the attitude of a medieval tyrant, can recruit thugs to attack other comrades at the offices of the party does not mean he has monopoly over violence. If anything, the proliferation of these shameful attacks will only lead to greater instability in the party and further breakdown in trust.

Most important, we are confident that Committee of Elders, who have seen through the refusal of entry and the Yansaneh-sponsored abuses that dropped in torrents soon afterwards, will not succumb this crude method of repression.

The NRM remains unwavering in its commitment to internal democracy in the APC.


Osman Bikal Kamara,

Secretary General, NRM.


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