A Rainy Day Turns A Bloody Day

A Rainy Day Turns A Bloody Day

Amidst the cries of relatives, a bloody rain besieged the lives of citizens in the rural of Freetown. It was supposed to be a blessed start of the week, as traditions teaches us that rains are signs of blessing, but today the opposite of that old adage turns our morning to wake up with sad news.

From afar i saw terrible disturbing images, over an acre of ground, lay dead and dying people chunked together like the scenes of the east end main dump site. You could not see which was which except perhaps by a convulsive movement, or the last quiver of a sigh from a living skeleton, too weak to move. As water brushes its way to finding connected drainages and gutters, the living lay with their heads against the corpses, and around them move the ghastly procession of emaciated aimless relatives. Without nothing to do, and no hope of life, crowds of onlookers keep wailing as their tears from them almost filled out a river to join the rains, and some hesitantly ask; “but God why?”

I could not move out my way to make clear of the scene and thronged of family relatives, rescuers and other government personnel whipped out heavily. This day in the far west of my country’s capital, the  most horrible day of my life, the bodies of victims could not be identified by family members all turned out into thick mud chopped off parts and broken bones.

The counts keep coming in, more dead bodies transported into the mortuary as the sun dried out the mud. Today, at the regent Lumley communities, my fellow countrymen have greeted a bitter test of time by a strange fall of thunderstorm. As it keeps rumbling, a mother driven mad, screamed at a government sentry to give her answers to her missing kids and thrust the tiny mite into the hands of the security while she wailed unbearably disappointed.

Today, bodies will be laid to rest again without proper identification. Like in the scourge of the Ebola, the found souls were disentangled by the bloody flood as if victims are into war with it. Today the rain waters that seems to quenching the thirst turns warm to sour our minds. Today, hundreds of families have been displaced again, and hundreds of lives missing to a bloody rain.

Today, i hear from the screaming voices true confession that indeed government is not to be blamed, for they tried their best to relocate people to safe areas when we first had a similar hit like this during the Ebola scourge but stubbornly and selfishly people sold the land given to them and went back to the unsafe areas. Today we are again mourning hundreds of future leaders to a bloody downpour. Till this day, as I write, none can tell the correct statistics of lives missing. Pray for mama Salone


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