By Mohamed Kamara

More than seven hundred marketers employed by Green World International in four districts of Sierra Leone spent the Christmas Festivities in jubilation as the Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone gives the green light for its re-opening which was shut-down for a dispute over Country Representation in Sierra Leone.

In an exclusive interview with the newly appointed Country Representatives in Sierra Leone, in the like of Chief Alieu Kanu Mansaray and Mr Joseph Sessi, they said the company deals principally in herbal products approved by the United State Food and Drug Administration it is a Chinese/American herbal medicine company with establishments in 110 countries in all five continents of the world with an employment force of nearly eight million marketers. They said their medicines only contain little sugar substance and is breaking barriers the world over for its efficiency and appropriate solution to man’s infections.    

Back home, Green World over the years has treated hundreds of patients some migrating from neighboring Guinea and Liberia and that is why they have open up centers in Kenema not only for Easterners but to curb the long journey of their numerous patients travelling from Liberia. Another at Bamoi Luma to long distance of travelling to Freetown from Guinea and now in Kabala to serve residents of Koinadugu district and the shores boundering Sierra Leone and Guinea in the North-East.

With various types of herbal medicines fast selling in the USA and China for numerous human disease, Chief Alieu said before the end of 2020, Green World will expand to the rest of the districts with trained and qualify herbal medicine practitioners with graduation states from China herbal medicine institutions. He noted that Green World plays a vital role in minimizing unemployment and it has amongst its marketer’s graduates from Colleges, Universities, Higher Institutions of learning, WASCE holders etc. he concluded that the secret behind Green World is that it creates competitiveness through self-reliance as marketers could earn millions of Leones monthly depending on their productivity.

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