2021 Mid-Term Census: Challenging your understanding of who will be counted and how

2021 Mid-Term Census: Challenging your understanding of who will be counted and how

Stats SL completed its regional sensitization on the 2021 mid-term census last week in Port Loko after successful Meetings in Kenema, Bo and Makeni.

We had the opportunity to meet most of the Paramount Chiefs in the country. We convened Mayors, District Council Chairmen, Councillors and other Chief Executives. And we had a strong presence of the Media.

Stats SL’s charismatic, indefatigable and results-oriented Deputy SG Andrew Johnny and I jointly presented the pacesetter, 1st electronic 2021 mid-term census in Sierra Leone in a way that left no doubt in people’s minds this is an important and timely exercise that should be supported by all.

I was extremely delighted to discover and reunite with the chairman of the Council of Paramount Chiefs in Kenema District who taught me Mathematics at Tomlinson High School, Songo.

In the regional meetings we discussed and clarified concepts and issues that I will now use today to test your understanding of the census which will start on 19th April 2021.


1. Stats SL will use Android Phones and electronic tablets for cartographic mapping and the census enumeration. This makes the 2021 census an electronic or digital census. TRUE/FALSE

2. Stats SL will not use paper questionnaires this time for the electronic mapping and the census enumeration. The questionnaires will be uploaded on android phones and electronic tablets to conduct the interviews. This is called Computer-Aided Personal Interview (CAPI). TRUE/FALSE

3. In a living setting where people regularly eat from the same pot, that’s called a household. TRUE/FALSE

4. Who is the head of a household? When Stats SL comes, we will interview the heads of households.

5. Everyone who slept in a house in Sierra Leone in the night of April 18th will be counted from April 19th

A) Must it be a house?

B) What about hospitals?

C) What about Security Forces at work?

D) What about homeless people?

E) What about a baby born on April 19th?

F) What about someone who died on April 19th?

G) Are only Sierra Leoneans to be counted? How will we know the number of foreigners in the country?

H) A man with two or more wives. Where do you think he will be counted?

I) A son who lives with his wife in Freetown regularly provides food for his mother, a widow and some relatives living together in Waterloo.

—Who is head of this household?

J) Since only the head of the household will be interviewed, how will you help him/her to remember who slept in the house and also provide details of those people?

K) In villages where respect is given to the elderly, is a grandparent the head of the household even when he/she is not feeding the household?

Stats SL will train all enumerators to fully understand the above important issues. We will up the gear in sensitizing and educating the general public.


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