Zainab Sheriff Refutes Social Media Lies

Zainab Sheriff Refutes Social Media Lies

by: Cecil Cole Showers

Zainab Sheriff, the promoter of showbiz entertainment programme called Big Sister has taken the blame on herself and team for not putting the opening of the programme like on TV and other social media platforms. Listen what she has to say to Sierra Leoneans and the rest of the world.

On behalf of our management and production team, we wish to express our sincerest apologies to our supporters and fans, in Sierra Leone and around the world, for not coming on live last night (4th October), as scheduled. This was due to our error, a failure by our production team, to meet COVID-19 regulations and, tourism ministry dispensations on indoor gatherings for an event the size of ours. We are sorry for ruining a portion of your weekend’s entertainment.

While all foreign contestants were certified Covid-19-free, we regretfully mixed the dates up on securing tests for home-based contestants. Accepted, this is a major glitch and we offer no excuses but our sincerest apologies. Considering the importance of the issue, we ought to have sawed that up, in good time.

We also wish to express our regrets in not bringing a statement out sooner. We were consumed by decision making as time sped out of feasibility. We beg of you, to excuse us.  We were contemplating and weighing the validity of introducing our contestants in instalments, to fulfil last night’s programming. In the end, we determined that for productional value, we cannot open a Sierra Leonean event without participants within the country. And, especially because the show’s primary purpose is Women Empowerment, we want to give every woman a fair introduction to express their qualities.

In the interest of clarity and Fair-play, we wish to inform the general public that not going live last night was not down to any form of sabotage as some have suggested. Or for that matter a lack of technical proficiency by our broadcaster, the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC). We stress, the reason for not going live was a failure to meet public health compliance for which we, and only we, are to blame.

Subject of course, to health ministry clearance, the plan is to go live tonight.

Equally important, please be assured that  behind-the-scenes footage from last night will be appropriately incorporated to the show, so ensure fans do not miss out on any vital minute.

We thank you for your patience. We are determined to make it up to you with a show you will never forget. Below also is a Public Notice by the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation on the same lies by social media handlers.


Our attention has been drawn to a post on social media purporting that the SLBC has cancelled the agreement for transmission of the Big Sister reality TV show. We wish to state that the said post is not only malicious, unfounded, and treacherous, but it is also a calculated attempt to insult the congenial relationship between the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation and the Zed Zee media, and by extension to excite disaffection among fans following the show.

SLBC dismisses this latest strategy by ill-motivated individuals bent on trading fake news injurious to the activities of the Corporation, and undermining the management of the Big Sister show.

The Corporation is aware that it remains a creature of the people of Sierra Leone enacted by an Act of Parliament, and will dare state its pleasure by commending its various partners, particularly the Government of Sierra Leone for its relentless effort in uplifting the Corporation for transmission of reliable and credible broadcasting across the country and beyond. Entertainment is a statutory mandate of the SLBC, and we remain energized to discharge it. 

The SLBC is pleased to state that it had braced up, and thus stands ready for broadcast of the Big Sister TV show. The people of Sierra Leone we know rely on the SLBC as the official voice and face; our cheering and cheerful fans of Big Sister we also know trust the dazzling and gregarious Zainab Sheriff – let it be known that the Big Sister reality TV show is our endeavour, our dedication, and our show. We will enjoy it. Fully!


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