The hue and cry from school pupils across the country yesterday on the whereabouts of the school buses in the country continued to be ignored by the relevant authorities concern.

Information reaching Guardian Post reveals that drivers attached at the school buses have gone months without salaries and have decided to abandon the buses as they called for better services.

“Our initial arrangement with the government was that they will pay us Le1,200,000, but was later changed by the various councils by starting paying us Le800,000 which is very ridiculous as cost of living continued to fly on a daily basis.

Children have to trek from Syke Street, Circular Road, Tower Hill, East-End-Police up to Texaco yesterday due to the unavailability of the school buses and commercial vehicles.

The lip service by the local Councils on the whereabouts of these school buses will continued to put more suffering for school pupils as the recalcitrant of commercial drivers is unabated.

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