Where are the Religious Leaders?


Biblical quotations from the Bible and Quran clearly define the role of our spiritual leaders in engaging government on issues bordering religious issues across the country.

The Council of Churches in Sierra Leone, Evangelical Fellowship for Sierra Leone and the Interreligious Council in the country are the one responsible to engage the government on happenings with the different faiths across the country.

The inter-religious body for Sierra Leone should wake up from their slumber and spiritually engaged the government to see good reason for churches and mosques to open for Sierra Leoneans to pray against the unseen epidemic which they collectively did during the Ebola scourge.

The hasty closure of Churches and Mosques by the government through the Ministry of Social Welfare Gender and Children Affairs does not reflects the views of Sierra Leoneans as they believed that the doors of the house of worship should be always opened for spiritual warfare especially at a time like this.

We have great men of God that can intercede for and behalf of the government and people of Sierra Leone and closing the house of worship is like turning our back from captivity.

You cannot compare the House of Worship to that of our market places and the various transportation parks across the country; there are nothing like social distancing not to talk about wearing of face masks.

During the rush hours period unpatriotic drivers take the advantage to jam-pack their vehicles to the brim that even conductors have to squeeze their way to have space to stand which is totally unexpected by the rules of engagements.

President Julius Maada Bio is a devoted Catholic and I believe he is well aware of the Christian faith in a crisis time like this when the universe is turning to our Lord and Savior for redemption and restoration.

The opening of churches and mosques should not be a favor from the government but to open space for God’s intervention to have mercy upon us for a total eradication of this plague

The Inter-Religious Council should not renege on their engagement with government for the opening of services and prayers across the country.

Sierra Leone is a spiritually country whatever way you looked at it; we one of the most tolerance countries in Africa to say the least; the political leaders should use this opportunity to tap this golden rule for the resumption of religious services.

The World Health Organizations has openly explains to the world that Convid19 do not have cured and the world should starts accepting the reality on the ground.

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