The Road Safety & T r a n s p o r t Authority (RSTA) T was set up to regulate and co-ordinate development in the road transport industry, including the registration and licensing of vehicles, the licenses of drivers, the prescription of routes for passenger and goods transportation and for other matters connected thereto. The SLRSA achieves this through its core business functions: To design, develop and administer rules and regulations regarding road safety and transportation To undertake the development of the human resources needed to service the transport industry, through training and retraining needs of transport personnel in the private sector. To study and advice Government on vehicle What You Need to Know About SLRSA standardization and maintenance back-up policy, taking into consideration the need to conserve the environment. To promote road safety To establish and maintain a data bank of relevant information on vehicles and the transport industry as a whole and To do all such things as are necessary, expedient or conductive to the attainment of the objectives for which the Authority was set up.

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